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Pushing the frontiers of collaboration

and innovation together.





The Cocoon Space is an initiative by Singapore Fashion Council (SFC) - Formerly known as Textile and Fashion Federation (Singapore)

Housed at the top two levels of the Design Orchard located in the heart of Orchard Road, The Cocoon Space is a creative co-work and event space designed to provide the community with networking and interaction opportunities whilst also offering fixed offices and workstations to foster creativity and innovation.




At The Cocoon Space, we build a vibrant creative space for and with creatives and design professionals.


We are part of a community that is driven by excellence, seeking to push the boundaries of the Singapore fashion narrative.



We are open to collaboration and work with partners passionate about creating a better creative and fashion scene. 


We believe that the environment and networks are important aspects of your success story and have designed personal and social spaces to inspire and connect with you.


We design programmes that educate, equip and enable designers to turn ideas into businesses. 


We are the home of The Bridge Fashion Incubator (TBFI) and house a fashion maker space with professional machinery.



Metamorphosis has always been a symbol of incredulous change, for all it takes is The Cocoon Space to turn a caterpillar into a butterfly. Similarly, the rigorous journey that design and fashion from conceptualisation to a refined outcome undergoes a process of creation, adaptation and growth.



Inspired from the integral role of technology in our lives, the brand name and logo present a technology-driven community space intended for human exchanges.


Using the spaces and lines of monospaced fonts, the logo is designed to mimic computer language, suggesting a focus on technology and innovation in The Cocoon Space and its programmes.


"We've had a great and very productive workshop. The space had a fantastic intimate and collaborative feel to it. It really couldn't have been better. It's most definitely the perfect environment for something like this, so once more – thank you."

- Maik Lutze, Citibank Singapore



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